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Outdoor Robotics - Drone & UAS Technology

Client: Outdoor Robotics

Skills: UAS & Drone Technology

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Outdoor Robotics offers the most advanced Aerial Camera, Sensor and UAS Technology for Imaging, Mapping, and Data Collection to serve industries in Film, Media, Aerospace, Mining, Construction, Science and Land Management.

We are an early drone pioneer designing modular Multi Rotor drones for aerial imaging serving commercial businesses. Through our brand partnerships we provide the cameras, sensors and UAS you need to fulfill the the work you are doing.

We have an industry drone solutions program that compliments our roots as a software development company

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VisionCats is a seed funding and equity investing platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities. VisionCats partners is made up of entrepreneurs and experienced professionals that have build businesses from the ground up. We are a team of people interested in innovation and technology and growing businesses. We help entrepreneurs with educating, planning, funding, launching, growing and managing their business. For over 15 years we have been building knowledge, expertise, relationships, software tools, processes and systems that grow successful sustainable businesses. We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs start and build healthy, sustainable, profitable businesses. VisionCats is help growing businesses in Robotics, Wellness, Digital and E-commerce.

Our Team

Charles Grimm

Charles Grimm

Business Development

A back ground in the investment industry, product design, and software entrepreneurship.

Rakesh Ghumatkar

Rakesh Ghumatkar

Digital Marketing

AI-based Lead-generation, Digital Marketing, Data Science & Machine Learning software development, Training, and hiring.

Dan Collins

Dan Collins

Legal Chief

Strong background and experience in the energy Industry conducting property appraisals, negotiating agreements, contracts, purchase and sale agreements, and land development.


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